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Facts to Note About Architectural Specifications Writer

There is no way to avoid architectural specifications as they play and integral part and role in every construction project. There is need for a company to hire a permanent architectural specifications writer who will be availing the specifications from, the word go. There is a bad and poor fallacy and belief amongst some architects who think that these specifications are only for the show purposes to the project owner or they can be referred to whenever there is a legal need. This is a dangerous misconception and it could even ruin the reputation of the architectural company. Transparency is fundamental and there is need to have the specification architect writing and detailing specifications that are genuine and not some doctored and deceptive specifications.

To begin with an architect needs to embrace the services of an architectural specifications writer or professional from the word go as their services are indispensable and inevitable from the planning stage. They should be present even when the design phase is being established, planned and implemented. Their integral services are necessitated when it comes to the preliminary project descriptions as well as all the outline description for the project.

It is essential to hire thoroughly trained and extensively experienced writer who knows how to translate and communicate all the project documentation into written form and have it communicated to contractors alluringly and effectively. Thus, its beneficial to be focused and highly objective when scrutinizing these writers so as to hire the one with tremendous qualifications. A proficient specification writer should be able to understand and overly interpret all architectural graphics whether in presentation, tables or schedules. Their language command should be proficient and good communicators. Thus, there is need to examine all their qualifications and determine whether they suit your firm. Their total years of experience matters lot as you need a thorough reputable and proficient specification writer.

All architectural firms have their different needs as far as an architectural specifications writer is concerned. there is no need for a small sized or a newly established architectural company to hire a permanent or a fulltime specification writer. Alternatively, they should always embrace the services of an independent professional. If you run a big scaled firm, then you should consider hiring an in-house professional to handle all your specification writing jobs or tasks. Having a big firm doesn’t necessarily dispense the fact that you can hire an independent architectural specifications writing company. There are independent specification writers who could even handle a big firm and all its projects.

An architect should always avail the specification writer with all the project manual. These are items and documents in regard to the items procured, the insurance needs and demands, contracting sheets and forms amongst other important documentations. Therefore, it deems fit for an architect to be thorough and upfront with information when it comes to the specifier they hire.

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