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Must-Visit Thailand Scuba Diving Sites

The act of diving underwater with the help of a diving apparatus is known as scuba-diving. The words self-contained underwater breathing apparatus is abbreviated as Scuba. The air the diver breathes in is stored in a can. The diver carries the can at his/her back. The diver inhales air via a regulator. Scuba diving can either be done professionally or for recreational purposes. In military and rescue operations, scuba diving is done professionally. We shall look at recreational scuba diving. Thailand is one of the countries in the world which has many scuba diving spots. When on a tour in Thailand, you should visit the following scuba diving places.

One of the famous scuba diving sites in Thailand is the Surin Islands. Scuba diving in this site is highly recommendable since the site has clear water which gives a good view of fish. The site is located far in the interior, therefore the site is unspoiled since a lot of tourists do not visit the place. Since the Surin Islands have been a Marine National Park, the coral reef looks good. You should go for scuba diving in this site in the months of February, March and April when the sharks can be spotted.

Another famous Thailand scuba diving site is King Cruiser Wreck. Phuket is the region which has King Cruiser Wreck. King Cruiser Wreck originated from a ferry which sank in 1997 with over 500 passengers. Scuba divers in this spot have a good experience of the seabed, anemone reef which resulted to the sinking of the ferry and the wreck itself. The King Cruiser ferry was never retrieved therefore scuba diving in this site will enable you to view the wreck.

Another Thailand scuba diving spot is Shark Point. The spot is just near Phuket. Despite the term Shark Point hinting a danger, this is a safe scuba diving site. The sharks at this site are friendly and you will be able to swim with them. Swimming with the Leopard sharks will give you an unforgettable experience. You cannot explore the whole of Shark Point in one day.

The Anemone Reef is another famous scuba diving spot in Phuket, Thailand. The site is dangerous to the ship since it caused the King Cruiser Wreck in 1997 although it attracts a lot of tourists. The Anemone reef is a submerged rock which protrudes from the seabed. The moving anemone makes the site to look alive. In Anemone Reef, you will be able to have a close view of tuna and other types of fish.

Another must-visit scuba diving site in Thailand is Koh Dok Mai. Koh Dok Mai is not large therefore it offers a short and sweet experience.

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